The Trump Administration is taking dead aim at regulations that protect people’s lives, livelihoods and communities -- including regulations that protect our health and environment.  Fortunately, no president can roll back regulations by fiat.  Trump officials must go through the same process that’s used for making regulations.  That process gives everyone the opportunity to be heard. 

This Save EPA web site has resources to help you oppose proposed rule rollbacks:

  1. "A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump De-Regulatory Agenda" describes how to fight rule rollbacks by commenting during the federal rule-making process, enlisting members of Congress, and taking other actions.  Learn more about the guide and download your own PDF copy here.
  2. EPA rollback proposals now open for comment are listed below.  We also list closely related rollback proposals of other federal agencies.
  3. Rollback fact sheets with talking points are posted for many rollback actions.  Each fact sheet describes the rule at risk, the Trump Administration's proposed rollback, and suggested points to make in opposing the rollback.  For rollbacks currently open for comment, the fact sheet also includes the comment deadline, information on how to submit your comments, and a link for online submission.  Find all the fact sheets by going to the menu bar at the top of any Save EPA web page, clicking "Fighting Rule Rollbacks" and hovering your mouse pointer over "Rules Under Attack."
  4. Want the big picture?  See Save EPA's "List of Trump Administration Rollback Actions:  EPA Rules and Closely Related Rules."  It includes planned, current and past actions.
  5. Finally, these links make it easy to write your members of Congress (your representative in the House of Representatives and your two senators).  If you're willing to register with Countable, this link -- -- allows you to identify your members of Congress and send a message to all three at once.  Or, you can write them separately -- you can use or to find your members' email contact forms or snail mail addresses.  See the guide for more help.


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Rules Now Open For Comment

The Trump Administration has targeted many EPA regulations to be weakened or outright eliminated.  Also targeted are related rules of other agencies.  Save EPA is tracking these actions, and providing talking points to help commenters who want to resist the Trump agenda. As the people these regulations are designed to protect, we need to be loud and clear that these protections are important to us. We can’t afford to be silent while President Trump tries to take the U.S.A. backwards to a time of dirty air, polluted waters and contaminated land. 

Proposed Rollback of Chemical Safety Rule

Public Comment Deadline July 30, 2018

Public hearing on June 14, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

In response to industry and state petitions, the Trump EPA has proposed to gut a January 2017 rule to reduce the risk of catastrophic accidents at facilities handling large amounts of dangerous chemicals.  The 2017 rule requires these facilities to take common sense steps that are based on lessons learned from recent catastrophic chemical accidents.  Specifically, the rule requires facilities to look back at previous accidents and “near-misses” to figure out how to prevent or mitigate future disasters.  It also calls on facilities in the most dangerous industries to consider inherently safer ways of handling chemicals.  It further requires improved coordination and information sharing with first responders and the communities they serve.

For more information on the 2017 rule, the Trump EPA rollback proposal,  public hearing information, and how to submit written comments -- including suggested talking points -- see Proposed Rollback of the Chemical Safety Rule.

Limiting Use of Science Under the Guise of Providing Transparency

Comment by August 16, 2018

The Trump EPA on May 30 published a proposal to restrict its use of scientific studies in developing rules and other policies.  The proposed regulation provides that, for the science pivotal to its significant regulatory actions, EPA will ensure that the data and models underlying the science is publicly available in a manner sufficient for validation and analysis.  Although the Trump Administration advocates the proposal as supporting "transparency," the proposal would make it impractical for EPA to consider all of the important peer-reviewed scientific studies of the health effects of pollution.  Some of the most influential and useful studies are conducted by university or other non-government scientists, and the underlying raw data is not publicly available due to privacy concerns about patients' medical information.

For more information, see Restricting the Use of Science Under the Guise of Providing Transparency.

Hiding the Benefits of Environmental Regulation from the Public

Deadline for Public Comment

July 13, 2018

In this notice EPA is inviting comments on whether EPA should issue regulations that would provide “consistent and transparent” direction on how EPA should weigh consideration of costs and benefits in making regulatory decisions across agency programs.  EPA is also asking for comment on whether such a regulation should “proscribe specific analytic approaches to quantifying the costs and benefits.”  This sounds both reasonable and innocent, but it is neither.  Especially when this notice is viewed in concert with the proposed rule titled “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science”, it is clear that the Trump’s EPA intends to go beyond rolling back  regulations.. They seek to cripple the agency’s ability to regulate by putting credible science off limits, and with this notice, to distort the analyses that support regulation, so as to hide the benefits of the regulations that are being rolled back.   For more information and suggestions on how to comment on this proposed rollback, please go to Hiding Benefits from the Public - Advanced Notice

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  1. We are a new group in Washington D.C. of concerned residents who are looking to be effective here. We need guidance on what our primary action items should be. What are the 3 MOST EFFECTIVE ACTIONS WE CAN TAKE TO HELP? Thank you for your response. Holly Pollinger Moderator for Cathedral Heights Combatting Climate Change.

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