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The Trump Administration’s assault on federal rules that protect the public is in full swing.  President Trump may be having trouble getting Congress to adopt his agenda, but he has more control over federal agencies and he’s using it to roll back health, environmental, financial, workplace and other protections.  In response, former federal employees today are issuing a guide to help Americans resist the Trump de-regulatory agenda through the federal public comment process and other forms of activism.

Developed by Save EPA – an all-volunteer, Denver-based group of former EPA employees — A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR RESISTING THE TRUMP DE-REGULATORY AGENDA (2nd Ed.) — is a how-to manual for Americans who want to engage with and communicate their views to all federal agencies proposing to rescind, weaken or delay rules that protect the public.  Modeled after the Indivisible Guide for holding Congress accountable, Save EPA’s guide offers insights and advice for making agencies listen.

“We know that many Americans are deeply disturbed by the Administration’s campaign to roll back rules that protect the health of our families, a clean environment, the safety of workers, and the fairness of our economy,” said Joni Teter, a leader of the Save EPA group.  “We want to help Americans sound the alarm about the dangerous and counterproductive actions that are being taken, in ways that can help make a difference.”

Save EPA’s guide:

  • Debunks standard claims for rolling back regulations
  • Provides basic information about how regulations are made
  • Offers advice about how to participate effectively in the rulemaking process
  • Suggests complementary tactics to be used outside the rulemaking process
  • Describes how to find out about deregulatory actions and provides links to organizations tracking those actions
  • Provides links to other helpful guides and materials

Its release comes on the heels of a  New York Times report on Monday that the Trump Administration’s effort to aggressively scale back government regulations is being conducted in large part out of public view and often by political appointees with deep industry ties and potential conflicts of interest.  That article makes clear the imperative for Americans to defend the standards and rules that have been put in place to protect all of us.

Rules are being targeted for rollback across the federal government, including rules for protecting retirement savings from unscrupulous investment advisors, assuring workers fair compensation for overtime work, and providing consumers with nutrition information about the food they purchase. 

Save EPA invites other groups to use and promote this guide widely to oppose the rollback of public protections by EPA and other agencies across the federal government.

Dismantling EPA

Public health and environmental protections are squarely in the crosshairs of the Trump Administration.  Save EPA is tracking de-regulatory actions that would weaken or remove these protections, and providing talking points for people who wish to make their voices heard.

Click here to see which de-regulatory actions are now open for comment. 

For more information about the guide, send an email to to contact Joni Teter, Nancy Ketcham-Colwill, Jim Ketcham-Colwill and Ellen Kurlansky.

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