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Save EPA's Comments on Proposed Cost-Benefit Analysis Requirements for Clean Air Act Rules.  Submitted to EPA on 8/3/2020.

Save EPA's Comments on the President's Council on Environmental Quality's proposal to revise regulations for implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Submitted by Save EPA on 3/3/2020. These comments include testimony authored and delivered on February 11, 2020, at a CEQ public hearing in Denver, Colorado, by Carol Campbell, a retired 33-year veteran of EPA who is also a Save EPA leader and participant.

Save EPA Comments on EPA’s Proposal to Amend the Emissions Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources in the Oil and Gas Sector.  Submitted to EPA on 10/22/2019

Save EPA Comments on EPA's Proposal to Allow Major Sources of Toxic Air Pollutants to Reclassify as Area Sources.  Submitted to EPA on  8/26/2019

Save EPA Comments on EPA's Proposal to Revise the Definition of "Waters of the U.S." to Limit the Extent of Clean Water Act Protection.  Submitted to EPA on 4/14/2019

Save EPA Comments on EPA's Proposal to Undermine the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards. Submitted to EPA on 3/27/2019

Save EPA Comments on EPA's Proposed Rollback of the Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants. Submitted to EPA on 1/30/2019.

Save EPA Comments on Proposed Rollback of Methane Emissions Standards for the Oil and Gas Industry. Submitted to EPA 11/16/2018

Save EPA Comments on Proposed Rollback of Controls on Hugely Potent Climate Pollutants -- HFCs.  Submitted to EPA 11/15/2018

Save EPA Comments on Proposed Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards for Cars and Light Trucks -- Submitted to EPA 10/26/2018

Additional Save EPA Comments on Replacement of the Clean Power Plan with the Affordable Clean Energy rule -- Submitted to EPA 10/26/2018

Save EPA Comments on Affordable Clean Energy rule -- Submitted to EPA 10/25/2018

Save EPA Comments on Proposed Rollback of Chemical Disaster Rule -- Submitted to EPA 8/22/2018

Save EPA and EPN Comments on Changes in How EPA Weighs Costs and Benefits in Decision-making -- Submitted to EPA 8/13/2018.  If previous link does not work, use this alternative link.

EPN and Save EPA Comments on Possible Revisions of Regulations Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act -- Submitted to CEQ 8/10/2018

Save EPA's Comments on Proposed Rule Titled:"Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science -- Submitted to EPA 7/30/2018

Save EPA's Comments in Response to EPA's Request on Protecting Surface Water from Ground Water Pollution -- Submitted to EPA 5/17/2018

Save EPA Comments on Proposed Withdrawal of the Control Techniques Guidelines for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry -- Submitted to EPA 4/23/2018

Save EPA Comments on Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: State Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Power Plants -- Submitted to EPA 2/26/2018

Supplemental Comments of Save EPA on Proposed Repeal of the Clean Power Plan -- Submitted to EPA 4/26/2018

Save EPA Comments on the Proposed Repeal of the Clean Power Plan  -- Submitted to EPA 2/20/2018

Save EPA Comments on Proposal to Re-Open Loophole for Super-Polluting Glider Trucks -- Submitted to EPA 1/5/2018

Save EPA Comments on Draft FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan -- Submitted to EPA 10/30/2017


Note:  The group comments above were submitted to EPA public comment dockets on behalf of the Save EPA organization.  Save EPA participants also have submitted  individual comments on each proposed rule rollback that has its own web page on the Save EPA web site. 

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Save EPA has been an all-volunteer group of former EPA officials who became alarmed about the Trump agenda for EPA and joined together to fight it.

With newly-elected President-Elect Biden and VP-Elect Harris coming in January, the need to "save EPA" is much less urgent. This is not to imply all clear skies ahead - there is much re-building to do, there will be negative pressures on the new administration, and we will likely have policy differences in the future. However, we are hopeful that these differences will be discussed rationally, using science as a basis for moving forward, and keeping EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment in the forefront.

And so, we are going back to retirement!  We're keeping our website up at , as a resource for those who want to follow and influence the restoration work. Our report on the Trump record at EPA describes the actions that need to be reversed [], and our guide to participating in the rulemaking process [] can help you be part of the solution.

Thank you for your support and commitment during the past 3.5 years.  While the Trump assaults were unending, they were also frequently unsuccessful, and that was due in large part to public outrage.  Keep it up!  Although EPA will be in much better hands with a Biden administration, there is always a need for an informed and engaged public.