A Guide for Fighting Rule Rollbacks

President Trump is using his control over federal agencies to aggressively roll back health, environmental, financial, workplace and other protections.  As the New York Times reportedthe Trump Administration's de-regulatory efforts are being conducted largely out of public view and often by political appointees with deep industry ties and potential conflicts of interest.  

To help the public fight back, former federal employees have developed "A Practical Guide for Resisting Trump's De-Regulatory Agenda."  Modeled after the Indivisible Guide for holding Congress accountable, our guide describes how to fight rule rollbacks by commenting during the federal rulemaking process, enlisting members of Congress, and taking other actions.  Together, we can defend the rules put in place to protect us all -- and let our elected officials know that rule rollbacks will matter when we vote.  

Public health, climate and environmental protections are squarely in the crosshairs of the Trump Administration.  For Save EPA, that's our bailiwick.  We are an all-volunteer organization of former EPA staff, with expertise in environmental science, law and policy.  Save EPA is tracking de-regulatory actions that would weaken or remove these protections, and providing talking points for people who want to make their voices heard.  We also provide links for easily submitting your comments to EPA and for identifying your members of Congress and emailing your comments to them. 

Top government decision-makers often assume that the public isn't paying attention to what's happening to rules for protecting the public.  Using this guide, you can show them they're wrong!

Save EPA’s guide:

Provides basic information about regulations and how they are made

Offers advice and links for making your voice heard in the rulemaking process

Offers a template and links for making your voice heard by your members of Congress

Suggests other complementary tactics to be used outside the rulemaking process

Describes how to find out about de-regulatory actions and provides links to organizations tracking those actions

Debunks standard claims for rolling back regulations

Provides links to other helpful guides and materials

Save EPA invites other groups to use and promote this guide widely to oppose the rollback of public protections by EPA and other agencies across the federal government.  You can read the guide online in the viewer below.  Or, download the guide for printing by using the download button -- it's the down arrow on a tiny page image located near the right end of the menu bar along the bottom of the viewer.

To get more information or make a comment about the guide, send an email to  saveepa.guide@gmail.com to contact our Rules Team.



Photo by Greenpeace - used with permission

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