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We are an all- volunteer organization made up of retired and former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency. We have expertise in environmental science, law and policy.  We are based  in Colorado, have members from across the USA, and collaborate with like-minded groups all over the country.  We are using our collective expertise to educate and advocate about environmental science, environmental protections and the current Administration’s assault on EPA and our public health.

Our website address is:

The only data we directly collect is names and email addresses from people who choose to sign up for email alerts for our regulatory rollback fact sheets  People on our email list also receive notices whenever we post a new blog.  We do not use or share email addresses for any other purpose.

We NOT solicit for funds – we are totally powered by volunteers.

We are not professional web designers. Our website is built on WordPress and uses a number of 3rd party plugins. We also use Google Analytics.  Here’s what we know about the data collected by the tools we use.

WordPress comments: If you leave a comment on the site, your name and email address are collected by WordPress and emailed to our website administrator. name and email address of your users.  WordPress says: “Personal data are also saved in browser cookies, so commenters don’t have to resubmit them next time. This makes commenting more convenient on WordPress websites.”

Google Analytics typically tracks personal data like IP addresses, user IDs and cookies for behavior profiling.

This page from Automattic, creator of WordPress and related tool, has more information that might be useful if you are interested in knowing more about data collected in this web environment

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