Braided waterways and wetlands create rich salmon spawning grounds

Defending Bristol Bay

Withdrawal of Clean Water Act protections for Bristol Bay, Alaska (Pebble Mine) 

Comment by October 17

The Trump Administration is proposing to reverse restrictions on discharge of mining wastes in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, the largest sockeye salmon spawning area in the world.  The proposal was published July 19, 2017. The public comment period is ongoing; comments must be received on or before 11:59 pm October 17, 2017.

For information on the rule, the rollback proposal, and how to comment, see Defending Bristol Bay.

2 thoughts on “Defending Bristol Bay”

  1. President Trump likes the gold and gilt of Trump Tower and does not appreciate the colors shown by sockeye salmon running upstream to spawn unlike most of the rest of us. As a Florida Master Naturalist the quality of water is crucially important to the continuation of life, and the diversity of life, on this planet. Once mining wastes get into the water we do not know how to get them out and they will eventually get into our oceans where they accumulate. PLEASE protect our environment.

  2. The Bristol Bay drainage is vital to our overall environment and must be protected from mineral extraction industries. As a sportsman and environmental advocate I urgently urge that Bristol Bay and all other places like it remain pristine and protected.


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