Budget talking points for climate deniers (& folks who don’t “get” EPA)

Here’s some great advice from a savvy advocate about how to talk to people who aren’t in the pro-EPA camp.

“We need to reach these guys with language/framing  that will leverage their system of values, if we want them to change their positions/ be strong in maintaining pro EPA position.

Instead of climate change, talk about how clean air and water are our critical infrastructure, how none of us can live in toxic dead zones, and how property loses all value when it becomes poisoned with toxics.”

These points would play well with Congressionals who are climate deniers, as well as Congressionals who are generally supportive of environmental issues but not down in the weeds.  These points of commonality could also a bridge to moderates and working class folks – remember that pollution impacts fall more heavily on people in lower income brackets.

Example script

Dear {XYZ},

Clean air and water and soils are the critical infrastructure of life: humans, animals, plants/crops cannot survive without them.

The role of the EPA, since it was created, is to ensure that threats to our clean air, water, and soils are assessed, managed, and contained or prevented.  The EPA was created to perform this role due to massive pollution by industry that resulted in huge  public health crises and dead zones  (SuperFund sites) like Love Canal.

The massive proposed cuts to EPA will effectively result in  cutting off  our clean air and water supply and clean soils needed to grow crops. Cutting off our clean air and water supply is madness and will devastate the public health and  property values of our nation.

Prosperity cannot thrive when the critical infrastructure is devastated. Be pro life, stand for a viable, healthy  future and vote a resounding no on gutting the EPA.

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