Can EPA Maintain Its Mission?

Above: Los Angeles in the 1970s and now. What does it take to get from dirty to clean? Learn here. From our partners at the Harvard Law School Environmental and Energy Law Program Since Donald Trump became President and Scott Pruitt his EPA Administrator, the EPA has worked assiduously to remove, weaken, or delay a … Read moreCan EPA Maintain Its Mission?

NEPA: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Government

Highway bridge elevated above the Colorado River to avoid stream channelization

It has become patently obvious that President Trump does not regard environmental protection as a high priority in his Administration.  One of his stated goals is to cut the so-called regulatory red tape that slows down his agenda for Making America Great Again!  One of the targets of his red-tape cutting is the National Environmental … Read moreNEPA: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Government

Inside Trump’s war on regulations

“The push to block, rewrite and delay scores of Obama-era rules may be the administration’s biggest untold success.” Ironically, this is a statement many environmental professionals would agree with: “I think it’s something that’s just been lost on people in terms of the regulatory sediment that has built up — decade after decade after decade … Read moreInside Trump’s war on regulations

Right to know: Program cuts and vanishing information

Woman with duct tape over mouth signed EPA

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires that all federal agencies make information available to the public on request, unless the information falls within a set of narrowly drawn exemptions.1 Processing FOIA requests is time-consuming and costly in terms of staff time. EPA decided years ago that it was more cost-effective to make data and … Read moreRight to know: Program cuts and vanishing information

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