"The Trump Takeover of EPA: Throwing Environmental Protection In Reverse" -- UPDATED August 14, 2020

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As EPA and other federal agencies comply with President Trump’s executive orders to speed up deregulation in the name of the pandemic, Save EPA, a Denver-based group of former EPA civil servants, is releasing an update of its report documenting the administration’s wide-ranging assault on environmental and public health protections.

Since the Save EPA report was issued two months ago, EPA and related agencies have further scaled back government efforts to protect the environment as well as the public’s opportunity to raise concerns, while doing fossil-fuel and other industries regulatory favors. The key take-away of the updated report: Trump is doubling down on his already extensive efforts to throw  environmental protection in reverse, squandering years of progress and undermining the federal government’s ability to protect Americans, now and in the future. 

With the presidential election approaching, Save EPA undertook a comprehensive review of Trump’s record on health and environmental protection to assist voters in assessing his performance in office. While the Trump rule rollbacks have been tracked, Save EPA looks at the totality of administration actions to undo current and cripple future efforts by EPA and related agencies to combat pollution, particularly climate-changing pollution. Written for the general public, the report connects the myriad steps the Trump administration has taken and explains their individual and cumulative impacts.

The updated report includes a new introductory section on “environmental injustice,” the fact that minority and low-income communities continue to be disproportionately and unfairly harmed by environmental problems.

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