Public Interest Groups Challenge Trump’s “2-for-1” Regulatory Rollback Directive

Here’s an example of how environmental groups are using our federal courts to fight the Trump regulatory rollback agenda.  NRDC and the Communications Workers of America have sued to overturn E.O. 13771 – the “2 for 1” directive.

This Executive Order requires that each new regulation must be accompanied by the removal of two regulations  – based solely on a very simplistic costs/benefits analysis.

The two public interest groups have asked the DC district court to stop the E.O. because agencies are directed to consider only costs – not benefits – of the regulations. Many environmental laws also include specific criteria on how to balance costs/benefits, and this E.O. attempts to overrule those requirements (without any process to change the law).

The Trump DOJ asked the district court to delay a hearing on the groups’ suit – and the judge (thankfully) declined.

Civil Action No. 17-253 in the District Court of the District of Columbia – one to follow!

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