“Reforming” Government

Here’s a fun quiz! What part of government do you want to get rid – no expertise required.

The Trump Administration (through OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, who never met a government agency he likes) is asking for input on how to reform government.  After 30 years in the trenches, I can think of lots of useful reforms. However, I don’t think the most effective way to go about reforming government is to run a popularity contest with questions like “what agency would you like to eliminate.” (Hmmm… I think I know where this thing is going.)

Like a lot of what we see from this administration, it look like they are really trolling for soundbites they can use to rile up the base. See this note at the bottom of the form:

“The United States Government reserves full rights to use, copy, or distribute submissions for its purposes without compensation or approval on the part of the submitter. Because your comment may be made available to the public…

So have yourself some fun! Click the link and offer your ideas – only 4 questions to answer, so it’s super easy…no thought process required. This poll is open through June 12.

Seriously, folks. Let’s stand up for our beleaguered agencies. Reforms can mean things like: adequate funding to achieve mission goals; clear priorities and policy direction; more REAL stakeholder involvement in decision- making processes; less Congressional meddling (Congressional pork almost always makes its way into things like procurement regulations).


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